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Our Story

The creation and integrated development of EC Marketing Connect goes beyond the business itself.


It dates back to the early 2000's when two boys realized their admiration and understanding of business operations, and strategy. 


"I've always grown up around computers, and I'm happy because it adds simplicity and encourages efficiency." - Matthew McCormick


"Business today is DEFINITELY not the same is it was many years ago!" - Robert Baxter


Both boys grew up in a small town called Sydney Mines, which was once called (Fun Fact!) Lazytown! Brought up in a place where everybody knew everybody, it left a bittersweet taste when it was time to move on and pursue their dreams.

Fast-forward to today and two boys grew into two men with a passion to help other businesses utilize today's resources to generate growth. 


Based out of Moncton, New Brunswick, EC Marketing Connect works with multiple companies all around Canada to help improve their online presence, and to ultimately generate a positive return on investment.

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