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Case Studies!

JusFit Fitness Centre - Riverview, New Brunswick

Day 1 - Page Likes - 546.

Organic post reach for JusFit at its peak... So Far!

JusFit Fitness Centre

Preview of the June 08 - June 14, 2018. Everything is up... Don't worry! Video implementation is in progress!
Thanks to Beacon Hill Productions

JNC Homes - Thunder Bay, Ontario

Take a quick peak into that beautiful organic reach!

Keep the Leads Coming! Check out the lead capture form we had implemented into the official JNC Homes website!

“Matthew and Robert were a joy to work with. They dumbed down the technical language to be able to clearly map our strategic path. These guys are rockstars through and through, they increased our following across all platforms and really tightened up our lead capturing process.”

Jonathan StollPresident and Owner at JNC Homes

Nathan Stoll - JNC Homes

Look at that reach! I can't say it's all EC Marketing Connect with a voice like that!

Post reach before we began marketing Josee's fan page...

In just one day, organic post reach is through the roof!

In just one short week... Look at all of the improvements! ;)

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